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News Parrot

Parrot 22.13

The new field, Calculated Total Amount (LCY), has been added to the Contract Header in the latest release of Parrot. This field displays the expected amount of the next invoice in the local currency (LCY).

News Parrot

Parrot 22.10

We were missing those parts that made it easier to analyze contracts directly in Business Central. Adding a new action on the Contracts list called Contract Analysis, where a page shows several new calculated fields, will do exactly this. We have also added a new FactBox pane, featuring the same calculated fields, to the Contract and Contract list.

News Parrot

Parrot 22.9

Parrot 22.9 is out and about, and this version contains added functionality to create custom invoice texts. It is possible to configure invoice texts with dynamic and fixed placeholders. You can create invoice text for both recurring and non-recurring contract lines, and you can do this both through the Contract Setup page and on the Contracts page.

News Parrot

Parrot 22.8

The latest release of Parrot may be small, but still good.


Standard approval workflow for Parrot

In this release of Parrot 22.7 we have added support for standard approval workflows on contracts.

Parrot StoryPoint

Automatic Account Code

Parrot Releasenotes

New releases of Parrot


Work Date in Parrot

A new release of Parrot is out and the focus for this release was to make Parrot more compatible with the use of Work Date.


Parrot 21.5

A new release of Parrot is out and, in this release, you can find two bug fixes.



SmartApps on vihdoin tullut järkiimme ja kääntänyt ensimmäisen sovelluksemme suomeksi, tapaa Parrot.


Parrot 21.3

A new release of Parrot is up on App source


Advanced mode in Parrot

When the Advanced mode is activated on a contract the fields Start Date, End Date, Invoicing Interval and Next Posting Date will be available directly on the lines.


Parrot 20.2

A new release of Parrot is out and ready for download.


Parrot 19.3

Parrots first release of 2022 contains a small bugfix such as extending Contract No series and Contract Item no series to 20 characters, but more importantly several new features.

Parrot Wave

Final release on BC18

We just published our last release on BC 18, this time Parrot had the honor. When using contract unique prices, the price will be calculated immediately instead of when the contract is being released. We also added a total amount field on contracts to make it easier to se the exact sum that will be transferred to an invoice/order/job planning line. Other things added are increased number of checks when a contract is released and the possibility to credit contracts that contain manually added lines.


Do it in repeat!

Use Parrot to keep track of your sales contracts and automate your recurring invoicing.

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