Parrot 22.8

Parrot 22.8

The latest release of Parrot may be small, but still good.

We have fixed two bugs, there used to occur when crediting an invoice based on job planning lines created by Parrot. This is now fixed.

The other one was an issue that prevented a contract from being released if there was a workflow enabled in Business Central. This is also fixed.

In addition to this we have added dependent actions, such as Contract Entries, Send Approval Requests, and Cancel Approval Requests on the Contract List page. This is to be able to work smarter and faster.

Last but not least we have added functionality to show or hide blocked contract lines on the contracts. The function is activated on the Contract Setup page and can be temporarily disabled on the contracts. This is a great feature when you keep adding lines to your contract when they change to keep the history of what has been but do not need to see it all the time.

Read more about this and other functions in Parrot here.