Do it in repeat!

Do it in repeat!

Use our app Parrot to keep track of your sales contracts and automate your recurring invoicing.

Do you regularly send the same invoices to your customers? Are you relying on manual procedures to invoice the correct amounts in the right time?

Parrot makes it easy to invoice the same fees every month, quarter or year. Parrot keeps track of all your recurring charges and fees to be billed after the determined periodicity of each contract. Parrot makes sure that all charges are invoiced in time and keeps the manual work at a minimum.

With Parrot it is possible to set use the standard pricelist in Dynamics 365 Business Central but you can also use contract unique prices. That way you make sure you have invoice the correct amount every time.

In short Parrot ensures that your customers receive a correct invoice at the right time as well as enable better forecasting for you and your company when all your contracts are registered in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

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