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For a while now we have felt that Parrot needs to grow and become “meatier” as we call it.  

We were missing those parts that made it easier to analyze contracts directly in Business Central. Adding a new action on the Contracts list called Contract Analysis, where a page shows several new calculated fields, will do exactly this. We have also added a new FactBox pane, featuring the same calculated fields, to the Contract and Contract list.

With this, you will have historic numbers like Balance (LCY), Net Change (LCY), and Not Posted Amount as well as Forecast numbers like Calculated Amount Per Year (LCY) to mention some.

We have also added functionality to configure a warning if a Contract Line reaches its end date within a specified interval. The No. field on the Contract page turns red if a contract line is within the range for the warning.

In short, we sent Poppy to the gym 😊

Whilst she was there, she also added Name 2 from the Customer card to the contract, including Sell-to, Bill-to, and Ship-to details as well as functionality to the Copy Contract action, The Location Code is now also copied.

Last but not least, we added a report called Enable Collective Invoicing on Contracts to enable Collective Invoicing for multiple contracts simultaneously.

Read about this and other functions in Parrot here.

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