Parrot 21.3

Parrot 21.3

A new release of Parrot is up on App source and this time we added the awaited possibility to open and release contracts in batch. Just go to the contract list and mark the contracts you would like to open/release and press open or release. All contracts that are possible to open/release will be handled.

New fields have been added to contract lines: Bill-to Customer No. and Sell-to Customer No., this is to make it easier to search and filter in the list.

New fields have also been added to contract entries: Posted Line Amount, Posted Line Amount (LCY), Posted Line Discount %, Reversed Line Amount, Reversed Line Amount (LCY), and Reversed Line Discount %. This is to give more accurate numbers when retrieving data to analyze.

We have also fixed errors regarding the new feature Advance mode. Now calculation for the Next Posting Date field will be done on Blocked and Deleted.

Click here to find out more about this release as well as Parrot and all its functions.