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StoryPoint 22.2

A small release of StoryPoint have just been released on appsource and this time we have added new default Activities to the role centers Time Sheet User and Project Manager.

Parrot StoryPoint

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StoryPoint 21.2

A new release of StoryPoint is out

News StoryPoint

StoryPoint 20.2

A new version of StoryPoint is out and about.


StoryPoint 20.1

StoryPoint 20.1 A new release of StoryPoint is out and it is packed with new features from our partners wish list.


Assisted Setup in Expense Management

In the latest release for StoryPoint (19.1) we have added two more guides to help with the setup of StoryPoint, Expense Usage Guide and New Expense User Guide.


Expense Management in StoryPoint

With consultants spending much of their time out at customers it tends to be Expenses that needs to be handled one way or another. The consultant may have a company card, or they use their own card to pay and expects to get compensated later. Either way this need to be handled within your ERP and StoryPoint now gives you the tool to do so.


Use a phone to report time

We all know that time is of the essence when it comes to report time spent on project. Report time directly rather than waiting a day or two will make it more accurate for both you and your customer. The longer it takes to report time the higher the risk of guessing which may lead to underbilling (less money) or overbilling (angry customers).

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