StoryPoint 21.2

StoryPoint 21.2

A new release of StoryPoint is out and in this release, you can find a bugfix regarding the Chargeability Chart in the Role Center Job Manager. There are two charts, Chargeability Chart and Chargeability Chart (Manager) and both are now showing the correct numbers. This gives you the tool to track both your own and your team’s chargeability at all times.

We have also added the possibility to add a work hour template to a resource or resource group. When you later batch update resource capacity you can choose to use the work hour template from the resource or resource group instead of adding one to the filter. This makes it possible to update the capacity on all your resources at once even if the have different templates.

We have also added the possibility to run the Absence report in a Job queue making it a great match with our app Eagle. With this, you can run the report in multiple companies at once.

Read more about this and other functions in StoryPoint here.