StoryPoint 22.2

StoryPoint 22.2

A small release of StoryPoint have just been released on appsource and this time we have added new default Activities to the role centers Time Sheet User and Project Manager. For the Time Sheet User role center, you can now select the Approvals activity, and for the Project Manager role center, you can select Activities and Approvals.

This comes in handy when you use our app Eagle Free to build your own KPIs. The new activities make it possible to add your own KPIs to StoryPoints rolecenter.

We have also added possibility to inactivate Use Time Sheet on Resource card even if the time sheet has lines with status Open and 0 in Quantity which happens every now and then. Before you needed to locate all these lines and delete them if you wanted to inactivate Use Time Sheet on a Resource.

Read more about this and other functions in StoryPoint here.