Use a phone to report time

Use a phone to report and approve time in Dynamics 365 Business Central

We all know that time is of the essence when it comes to report time spent on project. Report time directly rather than waiting a day or two will make it more accurate for both you and your customer. The longer it takes to report time the higher the risk of guessing which may lead to underbilling (less money) or overbilling (angry customers).

With our app StoryPoint you have the opportunity to use your phone to report time in the Business Central App. This is perfect for those who have people out on the field who wants to report time from anywhere and without a computer. Use the time spent of the bus on your way home to sum up your day and report your time in in the Business Central App.

When time is submitted it is possible to set up so that the approver of the time report receives an email that there is time to approve. With just a click from the email the Business Central App will open, and the approver can quick and easy use the phone to approve time as well.

Time reporting and approval of time is available both from inside the Webclient and Business Central app which means you can do your reporting from any device. But using your phone makes it perfect for those who work out in the field.

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