Expense Management in StoryPoint

Expense Management in StoryPoint

With consultants spending much of their time out at customers it tends to be Expenses that needs to be handled one way or another. The consultant may have a company card, or they use their own card to pay and expects to get compensated later. Either way this need to be handled within your ERP and StoryPoint now gives you the tool to do so.

Just take a photo of your receipt with your phone and start registering your Expense directly when you are on the run. StoryPoint will help you convert the Expense into an Invoice that you can use as a basis to pay the Expense.

And if I want to connect this to a workflow for approval? Just do it ! Expense management in StoryPoint works out of the box with standard workflow in Business central as well as ExFlow. For other workflowsystems you may have to do some adjustment, but just let us know and we can open up the code for you.

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