Assisted Setup in Expense Management

Assisted Setup in Expense Management

In the latest release for StoryPoint (19.1) we have added two more guides to help with the setup of StoryPoint, Expense Usage Guide and New Expense User Guide.

This will help you secure all the steps in setting up all functions in Expense Management making sure it works smooth and easy.

In addition to this we made sure to transfer the date in the fields Document Date on the on the Expense will be transferred to the field Document Date ion the Purchase invoice when this is created from the Expense.

The same goes to the value in the field Total Amount on the Expense, this is transferred to the field Gross Invoice Amount on the Invoice for those using the app SweBase.

Transferring these fields will make the journey from Expense to posted Purchase Invoice smother as no necessary fields will need to be handled unless you actually want to.

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