New releases of Parrot

New releases of Parrot

Just before summer we did not just one, but two new releases of Parrot.

In release 22.4 we added two new fields Calculated Amount and Calculated Amount (LCY) that show the current amount of the Contract Line. These fields are calculated based on the Next Posting Date of the Contract Line. These fields can be used to foresee the total amount to be invoiced from the contract at the next invoicing for example. A perfect match with Eagle Free, where you can use this to build your own KPIs in your standard role center.

In 22.5 we added a new event (OnBeforeSetPostedAmount) to enable customizations when posted amounts are set in contract entries. This is actually a request from a customer that used this to build their own add-on to Parrot to make it fit their needs. We are the first to acknowledge that our apps aren’t perfect, but they go a long way. And with some small tweaks, you can have a perfect fit for your customer’s need with way less code (and code maintenance) than building it all from scratch.

We also added a setting to be able to disable the automatic calculation of calculated amounts in contract lines for those who do not want this done on an ongoing basis. To complement this, we also enabled the batch job to update calculated amounts in contract lines to be scheduled in the job queue. This way you can decide when you want the calculation to occur.

Read more about this and other functions in Parrot here.