News / We have a new partner, Welcome BrightCom!


We have a new partner, Welcome BrightCom!


We are so happy that you want to be a part of our SmartApps family!

BrightCom is a partner to Microsoft and Business Central with a focus on the e-commerce industry. They has integrations to the most common e-commerce platforms, POS, 3PL with WMS, payment solutions, extended drop-ship functionality, chemical tax, contract invoicing, variant management, and much more.

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Webinar – Financial Statements with Eagle

Simplified Financial Statements with Eagle

In the upcoming release of Eagle, we have added a simplified view and a new role center to make life easier for those who want to use the full capabilities of Eagle, even if they have only one company, especially when it comes to financial statements.
Simplify life and save hours during monthly and yearly financial closings and audits with the help of Eagle!

When and Where?

January 24rd
1 AM (EDT) / 13 PM (CEST)

Join us for a webinar where we demonstrate how you:

Prints all your reports in one go
Perform bulk financial statement tasks while working on other things
Utilize key performance indicators as a live-updated checklist
Experience a simpler and faster audit

Integrate SharePoint Online

Integrate your Business Central with SharePoint Online, enabling the direct delivery of queue results to your SharePoint folder system.

The Queue Result Settings in Eagle provide you with control over how requested function results are managed. You can specify the location for saving the result and the placeholders to include in the file name. This allows you to customize and organize your queue results according to your preferences.


Make VAT reporting simple with Smart Swedish VAT

VAT reporting is something many find complicated and burdensome, while others find it simple and convenient. Those who fall into the latter category likely make use of Smart Swedish VAT.

A little highlight for the app, which makes VAT reporting easier for many financial administrators:

✔ Automatic creation and updating of a VAT declaration based on the information in VAT registration settings.

✔ File export of the VAT declaration that can be uploaded to the Swedish Tax Agency.

✔ File export of a list detailing sales within the EU that can be uploaded to the Swedish Tax Agency.

✔ Assisting installation guide to configure the necessary settings to start using the functionality.


Why SmartApps have their animal names

The name of an app plays a crucial role in communicating its purpose and function to users. We have chosen names that accurately describe the app’s main features or characteristics. This creates a strong connection between the name and what the app has to offer. Let’s take a look at it to understand why certain apps have the names they do.

Fly high and see it all


Eagle got the name because you get an eagle eye on all your companies in one view.
With all the information in the same place, you can easily decide what needs to be done and in what order. This will save you time and money, as well as make sure you do not miss tasks in one or more companies.
Get in control, fly high and see it all!

Keep it together


Spider is the obvoius name for an app that ties all your integrations together with Business Central.
With several different features such as Extrenal Systems, Webservices, API pages and Integration Queue you get an infrastructure to build upon.
Take control of your integrations and keep it together!

Do it in repeat


Parrot got the name because of its ability to manage recurring processes.
Keep track of all your recurring charges and fees and make sure that everything is invoiced in time.
Keep the manual work at a minimum, do it in repeat!

Dig in to win


Bagder got the ability to dig into your transactions and find patterns in your data, so the name was easy.
Use 90 seconds of your day to connect Business Central to Power BI and get insights to make better and faster decisions all the time.
Use your data to outperform yourself, dig in to win!


Simplify your work with Spider!

To easily manage master data, sales, and inventory levels from external systems, take a closer look at Spider’s offerings. Create, update, and export data without any extra effort. Streamline your processes and maximize productivity!

Here are a few examples of what you can do with Spider:

Integrations: Create new integrations and communication methods.

External Systems: Establish new external systems with or without an external subsystem.

Integration Queue: Access comprehensive information about the integration queue and links to more details.

Extra Fields: Add new extra fields.

Web Services: Discover the Spider web services.

Make your work a breeze with Spider and unlock new levels of efficiency!


Summary of Directions in Lyon 2023

Directions EMEA in Lyon 2023 has now come to an end. Liza and Carolina share their experiences from these three days!

You have just returned from Directions EMEA, a major European conference for partners focused in Business Central, Power Platform, and Sales. How did you experience the days?

First of all we had such a great time. It’s so much fun to meet IRL. Off-site work and Teams meetings are great, but it’s really enjoyable to see each other in person. We get to talk casually, share laughs, and discuss future plans, says Carolina Edvinsson. All the spontaneous visits to our booth provide so much energy, showing that we have great apps and products that customers are looking for. It provides so much positive feedback that we actually make it easier and empower users in their daily work, just as we aim for in our product development, says Liza Juhlin.

What are the top 3 things you are taking away from the conference?

1. That our multicompany solution app stands out in the market. We distinguish ourselves by simplifying and saving a tremendous amount of time for companies with more than one entity (up to 98 %!). It’s an app that can’t really be compared to any other, as we’ve noticed in our conversations with partners and users.

2. We shouldn’t underestimate the value of meeting in person! Discussing collaborations to provide users with the Business Central experience they deserve in their daily lives. SmartApps collaborates not only with Business Central partners but also with other app providers. Users can perform tasks using our multicompany app, Eagle, within other providers’ apps, simultaneously across all companies you as a user work in. This eliminates the need to perform tasks one by one in each company, one after the other. You can even schedule tasks, so you don’t have to click a single time.

3. The fact that partners are now really embracing the cloud, and customers want to move there. We’ve been building apps for the cloud for five years, but few partners have fully embraced the cloud until now. And we are ready!


Check in with Tina

Tina has been a part of the SmartApps team for almost a year. At the beginning of her time here, she answered a few questions. Now it’s time for a follow-up!

Read Tina´s first post

Can you tell us more about your role as SmartApps’ Technical Writer and Partner Support? What are some specific tasks or responsibilities you handle in this role?

– Working on writing documentation for our apps feels very important. Keeping it constantly updated as the apps grows and we release new versions is exciting! Supporting our partners with their questions is incredibly fulfilling, and it’s often where we get new ideas that we can bring to life. The most challenging part is creating documentation that all our users can understand and find easy to use. We have a wide range of users to cover.

It sounds like you’re excited about making Business Central more efficient with SmartApps’ solutions. Can you share any specific projects or features you’re currently working on to achieve this goal?

– I’ve also been a user of BC and several of our apps, and I find it incredibly exciting to now be able to document and showcase our apps to users in a way that I would have wanted to see them.

You mentioned the Eagle app as your favorite. What are some standout features of the Eagle app that you find particularly useful or unique?

– Being able to do the same thing in multiple companies simultaneously is a favorite for me. The time savings it brings are absolutely wonderful. For instance, requesting reports for monthly closing in all your businesses with just a click and avoiding the need to go into each company and do the same thing multiple times is not only enjoyable but also creates space for more important tasks.

In your role, you likely interact with SmartApps’ partners frequently. How do you typically support partners with their questions and challenges related to the apps?

– We take a closer look at the issue that has arisen and investigate the reasons behind. Sometimes, there are underlying system adjustments that are causing it to not work as desired, while other times it’s just a simple setup that was missing. It’s during these types of investigations that ideas emerge on how we could potentially do things differently, take a shortcut, or explore something else exciting!

When it comes to turning user feedback and ideas into reality, can you share an example of a feature or improvement that was born from user feedback and successfully implemented?

– A good example of this is the wishes to work with collective invoices for multiple contracts in Parrot. This has been released for some time now, and it’s very useful and likable.

Are there any upcoming developments or plans for SmartApps that you’re particularly excited about and would like to share?

– There are very exciting developments happening in Eagle right now, and I can give you a sneak peek that soon you’ll be able to schedule reports from your Function Setup. So, you won’t even need to press a button to get your reports; you can schedule them to arrive when you want!


Efficient data integration management with Spider

Are you dealing with data across multiple systems and feeling frustrated when they don’t sync up? Spider offers a range of features aimed at streamlining operations and ensuring seamless coordination between different systems.

Keep your external systems in sync with Business Central

One of Spider’s key functions is keeping your external systems in harmony with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Using Spider’s Web Services and API pages, you can track changes in Dynamics 365 Business Central and transfer them to your external systems, ensuring consistent and up-to-date information across all platforms.

Moreover, Spider helps you maintain synchronization of your master data. Whether you’re managing multiple companies that share master data, such as charts of accounts or vendor registers, Spider ensures that any changes made in one company are automatically reflected in all others, providing instant feedback in case of any issues.

Avoid building integrations from scratch

When it comes to integrations, Spider simplifies the process by offering a toolbox for creating your own integrations or using pre-built ones. Avoid the complexity of starting from scratch; Spider provides the necessary tools so you can concentrate on the missing pieces required to seamlessly connect your integration to Business Central. Common integrations, such as importing G/L entries or FA entries, can be accomplished with ease using Spider’s setup-driven approach.

Managing data imports and exports is made straightforward with Spider’s Integration Queue with Support for importing and exporting files to/from Azure Storage, SharePoint Online, FTP, and S/FTP.

Get full control and transparency of your data transfers

You’ll have full visibility into the progress of data transfers, with the assurance that no files will be deleted until the data is fully committed in Business Central. You can also track the history of your data transfers and, in the event of any issues, correct the data and retry the job while preserving the original information.

Lastly, Spider offers the capability to store external information in Business Central without the need for customizations. If your external system contains data that Business Central doesn’t natively accommodate, Spider allows you to add extra fields to your customer and item records, ensuring that users have access to all the necessary information, regardless of the system they regularly work in.


We have a new partner, welcome Accigo!

We are so happy that you want to be a part of our SmartApps family!

Accigo is an IT company with skills and roles in both breadth and depth within Microsoft’s three cloud services, power platform and integration.

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