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The latest release introduces several notable updates and improvements.

First, users can now select a KPI and open it in new tabs for each company from the My Companies page. This enhancement allows for quick switching between different companies, making it easier to compare and monitor them. Additionally, the system now includes functionality to configure the SIE code with default settings using report ID 12047960, known as “Export SIE File”.

Another important update is the added dependency on version 24.0 of Business Central. This ensures compatibility and optimal performance with the latest version of the software. For client company management, there is now the possibility to group client companies using a category code on the Client Company Settings page. This feature helps in better organizing companies on the My Companies page.

Eagle KPIs have been enhanced with the addition of “Time” as a calculation type on the KPI Setup page. This is particularly useful for calculating the time difference between today and a specified date/time field. In sandbox environments, the Function Setup page now supports selecting and enqueuing Codeunits. However, it is important to note that this functionality is not available in production environments, where the use of Reports is recommended instead.

There has also been a change in naming within the system; “Ask Copilot for Assistance” has been renamed to “Suggest with Copilot” in the Eagle Functions and KPIs Guide. Additionally, table extensions have been removed from standard activities in the standard role centers.

Several bug fixes have been implemented as well. An issue where the ServiceAgencyKey would become blank when executing the Eagle Startup Guide has been resolved. Another fix ensures that client companies are now being counted correctly. Lastly, the direct export field has been removed from the Function List page when the Select Page action is chosen.

These updates collectively aim to improve functionality, address existing issues, and enhance the overall user experience.

Find out more about this and other functions in Eagle here.

Additionally, we are working on something really cool in Eagle, so stay tuned—you do not want to miss this!

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