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In this release of Spider we had an extra focus on External Systems.

When setting up an External system of the type Sync to Company we have Added that the Sync to Company Guide starts automatically after the External System Setup Guide is completed. Of course, this only applies when the Type is set to Sync to Company.

Speaking of Sync to Company, we added that fields specified to be logged in the External Systems Guide are now also automatically set to be synced.

We added the primary key fields to automatically set to Sync and/or Log depending on the Type on the External System.

A new action has been added, Copy External System from,  this action is added on the External System Card, and makes it possible to export and import external systems.

We also added the ability to set a Target Field No. on a Field Transformation. For example, Field No. 1 can now be synchronized to Field No. 2. This is particularly useful when Field No. 2 exists only in the recipient’s system.

Another cool feature we added is the ability to specify filters in a related table of the table set up on the Table Setup FastTab. Select Filter in the Relation Type field to be able to specify the related table in the Relate Table No. field.

In addition to working on External Systems, we added the possibility to select and use the Extra Fields in the Customer, Item, and Vendor Template.

Last but not least, we have changed and synchronized our API pages with version 23.3 of the Business Central standard API, ensuring they remain updated with any changes.

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