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Days of Knowledge Nordic 2024


Looking at the list of contenders we found that a few of the partners we were hoping to talk to were missing and to top it off we forgot “the best candy ever” (real quote from last year) at home.

But, as they say, just make it work!!  We may, or may not, have borrowed a flower from the hotel room in an attempt to make our booth look a bit more welcoming. We put on our new fancy purple sweaters, a big smile, and waited for the first person to walk by.

Well, it took five minutes, not hours like we pessimistically expected and off we were. I dare to say that during every break, and even during sessions sometimes, we had visitors in our booth. We got to demo our apps to people who were truly interested and whom we hope to partner with shortly.

We also hosted a session as we were a sponsor, “Manage multiple companies in less time”, and we must have done something good in our promotion of the session, there were not only people we knew in the room😊 Maybe it was the speaker which we raffled off during the session, but we choose to focus on the positive, there were more people there than our session last year and the response and reviews were positive💜

To sum things up we had our best Days of Knowledge yet!! This was our third visit, and the feeling we started with quickly turned into big smiles as we got to talk to both new and old friends.

Thank you days of knowledge for a couple of great days, we will be back next year! 💜💜💜

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