Become a partner with SmartApps

When becoming partners, we will start a collaboration that will benefit us both. Together we can achieve great things that result in smoother daily work for the Business Central Users so they can invest their time in visions, not administration.

The benefits of being a Partner

First, you get a complete package of different apps, developed by SmartApps to offer your customers. This means you will get a wider range of products in your portfolio and a bigger chance to offer the right solution to the right customer so you can do business. As a partner, you will receive a kickback from the first crown on each sale and recurring revenue every month.

Another benefit of being a partner is that you save a lot of resources since you don´t have to develop anything yourself. You save manpower and you can focus on your sales. It is possible to come a long way just selling standard Business Central Online and if your customers want to customize, they can do it with apps. As a partner, you always have the opportunity to bring your input on improvement to our app developers and in a way be a part of the work without having to do anything yourself.

How do you work with your partners?

SmartApps offer an onboarding process to all new partners. Every new partner will be offered the help to demonstrate apps and SmartApps will join in place when you implement your first customer. All partners will have the SmartApps team as a support to ask questions and as we wrote before, they can always share feedback and wishes on functionality for the next version without having to develop anything themselves.

If you want to become a partner – contact us!

If you want to become a partner you can contact us through our website or Linkedin

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We book a meeting where we can tell you more about the partnership and where you can ask your questions.
Do you need more information check out our FAQ about being a Partner.

FAQ about being a Partner