How does it work
No coding – save resources

With our apps, you save developing resources. We do the coding.

Fixed monthly fees

We charge you fixed monthly fees for the apps. You decide the implementation cost for the customer.


You support your clients, we provide support to you. Our great Docs is always at your disposal.

Frequently asked questions

How do I claim an end-customer for kick-back?

Fill in this form and you are all set.

How does it work with kick-back?

When an end-customer is claimed agreed kick-back will be credited to you on a quarterly basis.

Who will charge the end-customer and how?

You as a partner charge the end-customer the way that suits your business.

As a partner, can I use your apps for free?

Yes! Just contact us and we will help you get up and running.

How do I learn about news in the app?

Sign up for our newsletter or look at SmartApps docs. All apps have a section for Release notes.

Do you have any documentation on your apps?

Yes, you can find out more about our app in SmartApps docs.

Who will help me learn more about the apps?

There is always SmartApps docs. but you are also always welcome to contact us at and we will set up a session to help you forward.

Who will support the end-customer?

As a partner that are given kick-back on the apps we expect you to have the contact and support the end-customer.

Who will support me as a partner?

We will always be there to help our partners support their end-customers.

How can I as a partner give feedback on, and wish for new, features in apps?

Just contact us at We love feedback, and suggestions for new features from partners and end-customers are the best kind of feedback.

What if my suggestion to get a new feature in an app does not make the cut and end up in the app, but for my customer it is a must?

Use the app as a base and extend it! We may have to open up an event for you to use, but just contact us at and we will help you forward.

What if I have a prospect and want help with a demo?

Send an email to and we will set up a demo. We are happy to demo of our apps for your end-customers.

What happens if I have sold a SmartApps app and have trouble setting it up?

Just contact us at and we will help you with the setup.

You want to sign up or learn more? Fill the form and our team will get in touch with you!

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What happens next?

Next we will get in touch with you. And then it’s as easy as:

  1. We sign an agreement
  2. We give you what you need to sell and implement our apps
  3. You give your customers a better daily life in Business Central

Shoot us an e-mail at if you have any questions

We make sure partners have all the tools to solve their client’s problem. With no coding, at a fixed price.

Liza Juhlin, Partner manager SmartApps