Workflows at SmartApps Docs

Workflows at SmartApps Docs

Are you interested in one of our apps? Want to know what it actually does? Take a look the Workflow section under the apps at SmartApps Docs and you will find different workflows describing what the app does and how we recommend that you work with the app. Some workflows will show you who does what which makes it easy to apply the app to different roles in your organization. Others takes you thru the process clearly to show what is app functionality and what is standard. Not all apps have workflows, but the big ones do. The point is to give you an overview of the functionality in different apps.

All workflows have explanatory text of the different steps below as well as links to more extensive documentation. See the workflow as a map that guides you thru SmartApps Docs and help you understand the app.

Find out more about our apps at Smartapps Docs.

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