Why SmartApps have their animal names

The name of an app plays a crucial role in communicating its purpose and function to users. We have chosen names that accurately describe the app’s main features or characteristics. This creates a strong connection between the name and what the app has to offer. Let’s take a look at it to understand why certain apps have the names they do.

Fly high and see it all


Eagle got the name because you get an eagle eye on all your companies in one view.
With all the information in the same place, you can easily decide what needs to be done and in what order. This will save you time and money, as well as make sure you do not miss tasks in one or more companies.
Get in control, fly high and see it all!

Keep it together


Spider is the obvoius name for an app that ties all your integrations together with Business Central.
With several different features such as Extrenal Systems, Webservices, API pages and Integration Queue you get an infrastructure to build upon.
Take control of your integrations and keep it together!

Do it in repeat


Parrot got the name because of its ability to manage recurring processes.
Keep track of all your recurring charges and fees and make sure that everything is invoiced in time.
Keep the manual work at a minimum, do it in repeat!

Dig in to win


Bagder got the ability to dig into your transactions and find patterns in your data, so the name was easy.
Use 90 seconds of your day to connect Business Central to Power BI and get insights to make better and faster decisions all the time.
Use your data to outperform yourself, dig in to win!