What can our apps do for your business?

It´s a fact that we have a zoo of different apps with different functions that solve different needs.
So, now we’ll sort out once and for all what the different apps do and how they help you in your daily work!


Eagle gives you the possibility to streamline your administration and handle processes and tasks for multiple companies from one service company with just one login.

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Spider makes your Business Central the spider in the web of all your integrations and enables you to manage configurable integrations and master data across multiple companies, environments, and tenants.

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Parrot helps you keep track of all your recurring charges and fees and makes sure that all charges are invoiced on time and keeps the manual work at a minimum.

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With Badger, you get past the issue of building data sets and coding in DAX. All the necessary links, measures, and dimensions for your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Data are already created. Badger also offers the possibility of getting started with artificial intelligence (AI). Making it possible to find patterns and insights that otherwise would be difficult to see.

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StoryPoint makes it possible to follow projects, from time tracking to customer invoices. Make it easy for your employees to time report and register expenses on the go at any time or any place, on the mobile or via the web.

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Smart Job Queue

Smart Job Queue improves Business Centrals native Job Queue. One view to manage job queues in several companies as well as enhanced error handling ensures that you never run out of sync with your integrations due to Job Queue Errors.

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Smart Currency Update

Smart Currency Update enables you to always keep your currency exchange rates updated by automatically updating the rates straight from the European Central Bank or Sveriges Riksbank.

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Smart Dimension

Smart Dimensions automatically creates dimension values and assign default dimensions to your data making sure that when transactions are created dimensions will follow and the right analysis can be made.

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Smart Swedish VAT

With Smart Swedish VAT you no longer need to manage your VAT statement manually and when you are ready to submit your VAT reports, you simply export the VAT return and EC sales list as files that can be uploaded to Skatteverket.

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Connect apps

Sometimes someone else has already built a good system that they want to connect to Business Central. Then we build a Connect app that just connects Business Central with that system and makes sure that things posted in that system, are automatically posted in Business Central so the user doesn’t have to do things twice. Below you see two of these fantastic systems that you can easily connect to your Business Central. Read more about Anysys Connect. Read more about Qpick Connector.