Welcome Tina

New year, new colleague – Meet Tina Ragnarsson!

Actually, Tina started at the end of last year, but now we will finally get to introduce her

What is your role/tasks?

I am Smartapps Technical Writer and Partner Support, so I will keep our Docs updated for all apps and support our partners with their questions.

What are you looking forward to working at SmartApps?

I look forward to being part of the journey to make Business Central even more efficient and easier for the user with our apps, receiving feedback, and turning ideas into reality!

If you could only save one app – which one would you save?

I am childishly fond of the Eagle app, and had saved it. The ability to have an eagle eye on all of your companies from one view is invaluable for those who want to save time, and doing recurring steps in several companies at the same time makes daily work a lot easier.

If you could only choose one app combo, which one would you choose?

I had chosen the Eagle and Spider combo, because it goes so well together. The overview together with the ability to import and export master data to external systems is great for avoiding extra work and freeing up time for what you want to do in your business.