Synchronized Master data with Spider

Synchronized Master data with Spider

Are you having multiple companies that share the same master data and are you spending way too much time updating data that could be shared? Then Spider is the answer to your prayers!

By synchronizing information from one company to other, it is possible to achieve centralized management of master data that only needs to be managed in one company.

In other words, Spider makes it possible to streamline the process of managing the same information in many companies.

When all is set, you update for example a vendor’s address in the master company, and the information will be synchronized to all companies set up to receive the information.

All synchronization is handled thru web services so in case there should be any problems in the receiving company you will get an instant message in the master company of what needs to be handled before a successful synchronization can be done. This also means no files that can be misplaced along the way or any discussions regarding who´s to blame.

So instead of updating the address in maybe 20 companies, with all that comes with login, changing company, finding the right vendor etc, you do all the above once. This will save you both time and money as well as make sure the information is the same in all places.

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