Do you have problems planning your projects? StoryPoint will make project management easier

Have you been in projects where your hourly charge is way too low, and it is something you realize at the end of a project when you start analyzing it? Or do you have problems with not knowing what resources to use; which person have time available? When working with time as your first source of income it is very important to optimize your planning in every aspect. You must follow your projects and have a good tracking of your time, you do not want to spend more time than you get paid for.

To get control over time spent you must start to report time. With a flexible time tracking tool, your coworkers can report on different projects, and you get the knowledge of where your employees spend their time. This will give you control and insights in all your different projects and help you to optimize your time management.

StoryPoint – get control over your time

StoryPoint is time tracking and project management made easier in Dynamics 365 Business Central. StoryPoint will give you the right tools for project management and have features that will help you take your projects from start, when planning your projects, until you are done and send an invoice of times spent as well as fixed costs to your customer. Download StoryPoint from App Source and it will give you all the features you need to get control over your projects and time planning. It will make sure that you get paid for every hour you have worked.

Timetracking – do the time tracking from your phone

For Timetracking to work, reporting must be made easy and available for those who must. In StoryPoint you report your time in your phone on the run. Add your active projects and activities to your favourites and timereporting will be quick and easy. Then, with just a few clicks you forward your report for approval. Your approver will receive an email reminder that there is time to approve and when your time is approved the registered time is converted to orders or invoice data.

Time reporting and approval of time is available both from inside the Webclient and Business Central app which means you can do your reporting from any device. This is perfect for those who work out in the field, they can report from their mobile phone at any time.

Projects – get the overview you always wanted

With StoryPoint you can have the whole process from time tracking to invoicing streamlined and simplified. You collect the information in a structured way, that means you no longer have to remember the hours you´ve worked inside of your head or in different piece of paper. You get the complete process of time reporting, approvals, project invoicing and project follow-up in one solution which will save you a lot of time and give you insights to become more profitable.

When working with project management the resource planning is an important part of the whole process. StoryPoint works with resource planning in a structured way. You have a view that shows you your resources, capacity, availability, how they are distributed in different months etc. Use different filters to sort out the right information and become more efficient when planning your projects and resources.

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