Storypoint – Timetracking in Business Central

What benefits do you get with Storypoint and how can it make a difference for you?

StoryPoint is the application that makes it possible to follow projects, from time tracking to customer invoices. Make it easy for your employees to time report and register expenses at any time or any place, on the mobile or via the web.

– StoryPoint enhances and complements the capabilities of Business Central for work management, expense management, and time management. If you report time in BC, you can use the app to make that time become a customer invoice, but also go all the way to the payroll administration.

– Expense management is simplified by Storypoint being adapted for your mobile, which means that you can also register your purchase directly.

Storypoint is woven into several functionalities in BC, and provides features like:

Estimate time on projects
Keep track of reported project time
Update resource capacities
Manage your print layouts
Export abcense to payroll and a lot more..