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First, this version has a dependency on version 23 of Business Central, so if you are interested in features in this release, make sure you are on Business Central 23.

So, in this version, we have added support for setting custom charsets to use when connecting to FTP servers. We have also added the possibility to change the sorting order of the tables configured on an External System. This will affect the order in which the tables are synchronized when performing the actions Full Sync or Init Unsynchronized.

We have changed a few existing features, for example, the External Subsystem Group is now deleted if the External System is deleted.

We also changed to ensure that an old version of a record is not synchronized. Due to the data caching mechanism in Business Central, an older version of a modified record could be retrieved when an external system was synchronized before this change.

Sometimes things do not go as planned and therefore we have made two fixes. First, we fixed an issue where the Find Entries action on the Integration Queue History page opened two pages instead of one. Second, we fixed an issue where the full synchronization was not being fully performed when looping all records too fast.

We have also removed several obsoleted fields, functions, events, and actions.

Read more about removed features here.

Read more about this release and other features in Spider here.  

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