Spider 22.2

This release of Spider is filled with various features both out of the box and things that are useful when extending the app.

Extra fields are a feature that has gotten a few new features. First, we have added extra fields to the vendor table making it possible to add and use custom fields to tag customers or use in integrations related. We have also added the possibility to set fields as mandatory, this makes sure that no one will forget to fill a field that is crucial for work. Last, we have added functionality to display extra fields from the customer card in the FactBox pane on the Sales Order and Sales Order List and from the vendor card in the FactBox pane on the Purchase Order and the Purchase Order List.

We have added two events that allow PTE developers to extend the existing Integration Types: OnBeforeAddIntegrationStep Event and OnAfterAddIntegrationStep Event. Speaking of Integration types, we also Fixed the functionality to clear Additional Settings when changing the integration type on a configured integration.

For the Integration Queue we have added support for using mutexes in Web Service sessions and using timeout when obtaining a mutex. We have also fixed an issue that could occur in the integration queue during export to another company as well as fixed the issue where an error message would occur regardless of the Check Column Header setting. Choosing Default Value as the type and leaving the field name blank resulted in an error when attempting to fill in the default value.

Read more about this and other functions in Spider here.