Spider 21.6

A new version of Spider is out and contrary to what the name suggests, the app is validated for Business Central 22, aka Wave 1 2023.

This version contains the possibility to open/release documents thru API, making it possible to manage these actions from an external system.

We also added a new Integration type, XmlPort Import, to manage the import of data using an XmlPort.

Last but not least, we have made it easier, read: made more user friendly, to set up the communication type SharePoint and the integration types Import G/L Entries and Import FA Entries.

Making things more user-friendly is most definitely a challenge in an app so technical as Spider. We try our very best to constantly evolve in this area, but if you have any import how to make things easier to set up or understand we are ALWAYS open to suggestions and ideas, and you are welcome to contact us with input!

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