Spider 21.2

Spider 21.2

A new version of Spider is out and with it, we take a big step closer to packing the app with out-of-the-box functionality. So far Spider has been “the technical one” of our apps, built as an integration toolbox packed with an infrastructure to build upon since there are numerous integrations out there to cover to say you can handle “all”.

We will never cover “all” but as of now, Spider can manage configurable imports to be posted in the general ledger entries. This means that with a little bit of setup, you can import a simple text file with data into a general journal in Business Central.

While we were at it, we also added the functionality to manage imports of SIE files to be created in the general journal set up on the SIE Import List page for those using the app Swebase.

Speaking of other apps, we have also made life easier for those combining Spider with our multi-company app Eagle. With Spider’s new reports “Import to Integration Queue” and “Import to Integration Queue and Process” you can manage integrations in multiple companies at once. Set up the reports as functions in Eagle and you will be able to import and process files into your Business Central in multiple companies at the same time instead of opening one company after another to handle integrations.

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