Smart Job Queue E-mail Notfications

Smart Job Queue E-mail Notifications

Did you know Smart Job Queue gives you the opportunity to use email notifications when using Job Queue Entries? With Smart Job Queue you get that extra functionality that helps you go all the way when using Job Queue Entries.

With Smart Job Queue you can, for example, set up so that you get an e-mail when a Job Queue Enries runs with an error. This to ensure that you can fix errors quick and not risk problems due to failing Job Queue Enries.

What about when a Job Queue Entry fails without an error? Then you set up to get an e-mail when the Job Queue Entry runs with success. No e-mail = something is wrong.

To minimize action on the above there is also a function to Recover from Error where we restart the job queue transaction after error which is perfect for those times when you, for example, loose connection for a minute or two which is more of a glitch than an error. With the functions above you will get an e-mail saying there is something wrong, but also, the error is fixed, and you know you won’t have to take action in Dynamics 365 Business Central.

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