Smart Dimensions rebuilt

Smart Dimensions rebuilt

Smart Dimensions 21.1 is out and in this version, we have rebuilt the app from scratch to make it more flexible.

The setup page for Smart Dimensions has changed its name to Automatic Default Dimensions and with this, we have widened the functionality. Instead of five fixed master data tables we now have support for any table in Business Central that uses Standard Dimensions.

When set up, Smart Dimensions will automatically set up dimensions on your data making sure that when transactions are created dimensions will follow.

We have also made it possible to choose which field in the table to use when creating the Dimension value. Name or Dimension will be the default value, but if you like to use another value such as Number this is now possible.

So no more worrying if all transactions are tagged with the correct dimension or having to correct data that are missing dimensions that should be there to analyze your data correctly. With Smart Dimensions, you will make sure your data is always up to date.

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