Price list

Our prices are always fixed, which allows you to enjoy a smooth solution without the concern of unexpected costs.

For most of our apps, the pricing is based on the number of licensed users within the tenant. If you have 20 licenses in your tenant, you will be billed for 20 licenses. There are various license types to choose from, as outlined in the price list below. At the bottom of the page, we’ve also listed an example that highlights how you can use the price list to calculate your monthly fee.

Installations conducted in Sweden will be invoiced in SEK, while those in other locations will be invoiced in EUR.

It is the customer’s responsibility to inform SmartApps if they have more than one environment or add new ones in their tenant to avoid being charged for multiple environments. We do not credit already drawn payments but will manage future invoices.

Price in €

Price in SEK

App Premium user / month* Essential user / month* Team member / month* External accountant / month*
Badger 9.90 € 99 kr 9.90 € 99 kr Incl. Incl.
Eagle Calculate price
Eagle Free 0 € 0 kr 0 € 0 kr 0 € 0 kr 0 € 0 kr
Parrot 6 € 59 kr 6 € 59 kr Incl. Incl.
Spider 9.90 € 99 kr 9.90 € 99 kr 1 € 9 kr Incl.
Storypoint 9.90 € 99 kr 9.90 € 99 kr 1 € 9 kr Incl.
Smart Currency Update 2 € 19 kr 2 € 19 kr Incl. Incl.
Smart Dimensions 2 € 19 kr 2 € 19 kr Incl. Incl.
Smart Job Queue 2 € 19 kr 2 € 19 kr Incl. Incl.
Smart Swedish VAT 2 € 19 kr 2 € 19 kr Incl. Incl.
Anysys Connect Contact Anysys
Qpick Connector Contact Qsys
Rillion Connect Contact Rillion

Price example Spider

Your monthly fee is based on how many licenses you have in your tenant. If you have thirty licenses in your database you’ll be charged for thirty licenses, even if only two people use the application.

Essential users


Team members


6 users x 9.90 € = 59.4 €
24 users x 1 € = 24 €
Cost per month = 83.4 €

Total prize 30 users

83.4 € / month

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