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Ensure accurate time tracking with StoryPoint

Are you complying with the time reporting act?

Brief summary of the new time tracking law in Denmark

Objective, Reliable, and Accessible:

The system used by employees for time tracking must be objective, reliable, and accessible.

Employee Access:

Employees must be able to access information about their registrations.

Daily and Weekly Tracking:

The system must measure daily and weekly working hours.

Data Retention:

Information in the system must be available for five years from the date it was entered.

Discover StoryPoint

Your ultimate solution for time tracking!

Starting July 1, 2024, a new law will require all Danish employers to ensure that their employees register their working hours. With the StoryPoint app, you’re already one step ahead!

Efficient time registration

Streamlined approval process

Mobile accessibility

Why StoryPoint?

With StoryPoint, you can easily comply with the new law and take advantage of all the benefits that come with accurate time tracking:

User-friendly app: Employees can easily register their working hours directly on their mobile or via their computer.
Accurate records: Registrations can be approved by employers and forwarded to the payroll system.
Workday overview: Helps employees get an overview of their workdays and keep track of any overtime.
Resource management: Provides employers with a clear overview of how personnel resources are used and who is working on which projects.
Continuous data entry: Builds a database with continuous entries that can be used for better project planning and resource allocation.
Digital archiving: Ensures digital archiving through time reporting in Business Central, which meets the legal requirement.
Invoice creation: Create invoices based on reported time. StoryPoint integrates seamlessly with Business Central’s project module.

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StoryPoint is the perfect solution to meet the new legal requirements while optimizing your workday and improving your organization’s efficiency. Join many other successful companies and implement StoryPoint today!

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How it works

Report from mobile devices

With StoryPoint, you can report time and log expenses directly in the Business Central app, which is perfect for when you’re on the go.

Bill in no time

Create invoices and salaries using the time and expenses registered in the app.

Download easy

The app is available on AppSource, Google Play and App Store, making it easy for your consultants to get started.


Track time in Microsoft Business Central

We will show you how you can report and measure daily and weekly working hours directly in the Business Central app or on the web.

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