Nina Jonasson – The effectivity of Eagle

In Nina’s role as Office Controller, she does a lot of administrative work – ongoing accounting, license management, invoicing, and more.

– With Eagle, I can see all the companies I look after in the same view. Previously, I had to work more manually, I had to go into settings every time and switch to the company I wanted to work in to see what needed to be done. Now I see everything in the same and get a smooth overview of everything. This also leads to fewer questions from higher-ups about what has been done, now they can easily check it themselves.

It is effective when you have an overview of everything in the same view, it only takes one click to get to the company you want to work in.

– The effect of my use of Eagle is that I get a better overview, it becomes faster handling and above all at the end of the month, it is very difficult to miss something when I have everything in front of me. It doesn’t have to be that there are several companies in different environments, you might as well have several companies in the same environment.

Eagle has a standard version that shows different fields, but if something is missing that you need in your work, you can add more fields that help you see even more. It is also possible to schedule the same reports to be run in several companies at the same time.

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