New Role Centre in Eagle 21.1

New Role Centre in Eagle 21.1

A new version of Eagle is out, and it is packed with new features!

We have added a new role center called Eagle Service Agency which takes the word Overview to new heights.

In the new role center, we have aggregated the numbers you have in my companies to cues and added the possibility to set up the behavior of the cue to your needs. You can use colors to highlight numbers that are out of balance, and you can choose between opening the my companies page or the related page in the client companies.

With the new role center, you can make quick decisions on what needs to be done first and then easily get started with your work directly.

Do you have numbers that are a tiny bit more important than others? Then use the possibility to set up 5 promoted KPIs. And do you think that sometimes Eagle offers too many KPIs? It is now possible to choose which KPIs are displayed and where you want them displayed. Make some of the visible in the role center and some in my companies depending on how you work and what your needs are.

This and more is available in the 21.1 release of eagle.

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