Track time in Microsoft Business Central

Report time anytime, anywhere! We will show you how you can report and measure daily and weekly working hours directly in the Business Central app or on the web. We will also look into how you can get a complete overview to ensure all reported time has been approved, allocated to the correct project, and invoiced. This way you gain full control over all time tracked in Business Central in a reliable and accessible way. 


Tuesday 2/7 – 10:00 AM (CET)





Tina Ragnarsson

Tina has a long experience of working in both NAV and Business Central. She started as an end-user in her work as an accounting economist but now she works together with partners to develop apps that strive to help end-users work smarter, not harder, in Business Central.

Liza Juhlin

Liza has 16 years of working with NAV and Business Central. For the past 5 years, she and her team have been working together with partners to develop apps that are the cherry on top of your Business Central installation.