Who we are and how SmartApps was born!

Our team is a mix of developers and creative individuals who want to make smarter things every day.

Doing things smarter

We always try to make things smarter, that’s how SmartApps was born

Johannes and Jonas have always been the tech guys. The guys to go to when to solve a technical problem in Navision.

Yes. Even if we now develop apps for Business Central, our team has developed smart everyday functions for years, for older versions of Business Central. The system is not new to us, even if technology changes. In 2015 we added other competencies and we gave us our name – smartapps. For sure, our apps needed the tech guys. But we also needed skills to do them as clever as our name said. Skills from a user perspective, skills about scrum, and leading a team, skills about getting the apps approved through Microsoft’s eye of the needle. So we added John, Liza and Göran. And later on Krister.

Now we are a product team, having fun together, using each others skills, giving users in Business Central tools to be more efficient in their everyday work.

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