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We develop apps for Business Central based on the need of users in Dynamics 365! With Business Central Cloud, everything about apps is tailor-made for your solution as needed. We are constantly working on new apps that will help companies simplify their daily work.


Simplify your daily work and reduce the need for customizations! SweBase is an essential app if you operate in Sweden.

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It’s time to take control and keep track of your time sheet usage and occupancy in a smarter way!

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Badger gets you up and running with Power BI quick and easy. Start analyzing your business the same day you install it.

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Spider is a business app that contains the necessary functionality to administer your various external systems.

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Use Parrot to keep track of your recurring invoicing. Parrot makes it easy to invoice the same fees every month, quarter or year.

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Qpick Connector

The Qpick Connector is used to integrate Qpick – A Mobile WMS (Warehouse Management System) for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Qpick is a barcode-based system that adds mobility to your warehouse operations to optimize efficiency, accuracy and processes.

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Smart Swedish VAT

Create a Swedish VAT statement automatically and submit your VAT reports electronically with files to Skatteverket.

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Smart Job Queue

The Job Queue is a great tool for automation, but what happens if it stops or misbehaves? Smart Job Queue improves the Business centrals native job queue making your automation journey smoother.

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Smart Currency Update

Get automatic currency exchange rate updates with Smart Currency.

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Smart Dimensions

Create a great foundation for analysis with Smart Dimensions.

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Are you interested in our apps or maybe you have suggestions for an app that you needed in your Dynamics 365 Business Central? Contact us and we will find a solution!

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