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In the latest release of Eagle, we’re thrilled to introduce several exciting updates, it might evan be the coolest update so far.

One of the most significant additions is the integration of Microsoft Copilot into the Eagle Functions & KPIs Guide. This powerful tool helps you filter Functions and KPIs more effectively, tailoring them to your specific business needs.

If you want to learn more about how Copilot can elevate your Eagle experience, check out Copilot for Eagle here.

Additionally, we’ve enhanced VAT Handling with several new functions available in the Guides under Function Templates. To take advantage of this feature, make sure to have the Smart Swedish VAT app installed in all client company environments.

We’re also excited to introduce Dimension Support for Client Companies. This feature allows you to include selected dimensions directly in the Close Income Statement report, giving users more control over their data management directly from the Service Agency.

In terms of management, we’ve made improvements to Company Type Management, particularly when transitioning from Service Agency to Client or Single Company. A new block has been added under Company Type, which is especially beneficial for environments with enabled client companies.

Moreover, we’ve introduced new System Filters for My Customers, My Vendors, and My Items under System Filter. Now, these filters can be applied to User-defined KPIs, offering enhanced customization options.

User Interface Enhancements have been implemented, including updates to the view for User-defined KPIs when using the Move up or down function. These changes ensure a smoother user experience overall.

Lastly, Table Extensions have been modified to improve the functionality for adding Eagle User-defined KPIs to the standard activities in the standard role centers. These updates aim to make your Eagle experience more cohesive and seamless than ever before.

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