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If you use User-defined KPIs in Eagle you need to check out this release of Eagle. We have added Prefix and Suffix options for User-defined KPIs. This can be useful if you want to add a currency symbol or a percentage sign. We have also added a rounding for User-defined KPIs. Specifies the rounding code to use for the calculated value. This can be useful if you want to round the calculated value to a certain number of decimals. You can also use upper and lower thresholds on User-defined KPIs. If the calculated value is between the thresholds, the value will be shown as 0.

We fixed an issue that occurred when using the Add to Role Center or Add to Activities actions on the User-defined KPIs (My – This Company) page and changed the date preview in the Use Template guide on the Eagle KPIs Setup page to the current day instead of the work date.

We improved error handling for better capture and presentation of errors. Errors are now managed through an error message handler, and a list of potential errors can be displayed in the client company.

The possibility to choose a role center that fits your needs is always a good thing, so we added the possibility to use Eagle – Single Company role center even if the company type on the Eagle Setup page is not configured as a Single Company. Following this we changed the caption of the role center from Eagle Service Agency to Eagle – Service Agency so the names align.

When it comes to date filters, we added support for specifying Start Time and End Time when using Date Filters on the configuration of Eagle KPIs and Functions. This is useful, for example, to filter on “today between 12:00 – 5:00 PM”. And also, the ability to use Combined Filter as the date calculation type on Date Filters page. This allows combining date formulas and date ranges, providing more filter options.

Read more about this and other features in Eagle here.

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