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In version 23.1 of Eagle, we added a new company type on the Eagle Setup page, called Single Company. For businesses that want to use Eagle for just the current company, there is now a more user-friendly interface on a new page called My Company. With Eagle – Single Company, you can also utilize the role center of the same name. On the role center, we have gathered the functionality from Eagle that you need for the company you are working with.

When it comes to KPIs we have made a bunch of things. We have added support for tables with the type of CRM, which enables KPIs to be created for Dataverse tables. We changed the filter in the KPI template Overdue Sales Invoice Amount from Closing Balance – Current Day to Closing Balance – Yesterday. We also added a check when a change from Client to Service Agency on the Eagle Setup page to ensure there are no Advanced KPIs linked to another Service Agency. Also, implemented a confirmation prompt recommending the selection of Service Agency & Client instead.

Function Setup has gotten the much-appreciated feature Use Template, allowing you to choose from a template even if you choose the New action. We also added public functions on the Function Setup table to enable PTEs to create functions. Last, on this subject we added new functionality to Export Incoming Documents (G/L Entry) along with attachments and incoming document files. Export Incoming Documents (G/L Entry) report has object ID 70337385.

Another great feature we added is Regional Settings Code on the Settings for My Companies page, allowing control over language and regional settings.

We also made one more tiny delivery, Eagle 23.2, containing just one single feature. We added the Enqueue Report (Excel) and Enqueue Report (PDF) actions on the My Companies and the My Company pages. The actions can be moved to the desired location by selecting the Personalize action.

Read more about this and other new features in this version of Eagle here.  

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