Eagle 22.3

Eagle 22.3

In this release, we have made it possible to export sales and purchase documents with attachments and connected incoming document files. This will be useful, especially at year’s end, when your accountant needs this to manage your financial statements.

When it comes to admin, we have added support to manage my environment for all users making it easy to onboard new people to your organization. Another thing we added to make things easier for an admin is that we have added templates for Continias app Document Capture to the User-defined KPI templates guide. Setting up KPIs for Document Capture has never been easier.

We also added new API pages for User-defined KPIs (This Company) and User-defined KPIs (My – This Company.

Last but not least we are sad to say that we have removed the ability to configure Eagle KPIs on the User Task activities, as Business Central does not support Eagle KPIs for that activity.

Read more about this and other functions in Eagle here.