Eagle 22.1

Eagle 22.1

We are working hard and therefore we have released yet another version of Eagle.

In this version we have added My KPIs, which makes it possible to add KPIs up to 50 KPIs which only the user themselves can see. In addition to this we have added another 30 general KPIs making it possible to build KPIs fo all kinds of role in you company.

And whilst we are on the subject of KPIs, we have added more templates in the guide based on several different apps as well as the base application. And to make things easier when using the guide to build new KPIs we have added a new page in the User-defined KPI Templates Guide with template grouping based on the installed apps. This makes it easier to find the KPI ypu are looking to build.

Another supercool thing that we have added is the possibility to schedule when to request a Function through the Job Queue. You can choose to schedule functions individually or entire Function Groups. It is possible to schedule functions on the Function Setup, Function Group page and on the Function Category page. This is useful when for example you want to retrieve all your monthly financial reports on a specific date each month for all your companies.

This and so much more can be found this release.

Read more about this and other functions in Eagle here.