Eagle 22.0

Eagle 22.0

Buckle up and get your coffee because boy is this release of Eagle packed with goodies.

We have added Work Date as a placeholder in File Name/Path Settings at Queue Result Settings page. This is useful if the file name or path should include the date when the results are exported. And about files, we have also added support for more characters in the names of files and paths. A new field on the File Name/Path Settings Card called Additional Invalid Characters. This field allows users to define and manage characters that are not allowed in the context of exporting their results for some reason.

We also added support for blank date formulas which is useful for filtering on empty dates.

If you use our integration app Spider we have added the capability to export the results of requested functions through the Integration Queue. This enables users to take advantage of all available Communication Methods in Spider, such as FTP, S/FTP, etc.

Setting up KPIs from scratch can be a bit of a struggle before you get the hang of it. Therefore, we have added a preview of the KPI in the FactBox pane which allows the users to see a preview of the calculated value and the link of the KPI that they are configuring.

And speaking of easier setup, we added a Copy action on the Queue Result Settings page, which allows users to duplicate a queue result settings. This is useful when you want to have multiple queue result settings with different path settings.

Last but not least, it is now possible to Enqueue a group of functions, select one or more groups, and queue all functions within the selected group(s).

This, and actually so much more is available in the latest version of Eagle.

Read more about this and other functions in Eagle here.