Eagle 21.8

Eagle 21.8

We are finally back from summer vacation and got to publish a new version of Egale and show you what we have been working on lately.

We have updated the functionality in User-defined KPIs with the possibility to use Expressions. This means you can build your own expressions, or values, in the same way you build a user-defined KPI, but an expression is being used as a component when calculating a User-defined KPI. For example, you can now create a KPI that shows the difference between two accounts.

We have also added Filter Related Table toggle on the User-defined KPI page which enables users to specify a filter in a related table of the table selected for the KPI. This is useful if the data you want to filter on is not in the table the KPI is based on.

And while we are at it, we also added new templates for ExFlow in the User-defines KPIs, so if you are using Eagle with ExFlow it is even easier to get the KPIs that you need to be on top of your ExFlow installation.

We added Table Export as a new type on the Function Setup page which enables users to export data from tables in the format specified by the user. This is useful for troubleshooting, migrating data and exporting data to other systems on a recurring basis. It’s possible to set up any table available in the service agency and the company client to be exported.

To simplify life when using multiple companies with different languages and in different regions, we have added settings to control which language and/or region is used for enqueued functions. Users can create codes that contain a combination of language and region on the Regional Settings – Eagle page and assign the code at different levels, the most specific setting applies.

All of the above, and much more, can be found in the latest release of Eagle.

Read more about this and other functions in Eagle here.