It´s obvious how time-consuming it is to perform simple tasks in many companies when working with a customer that has a multi-company solution in Business Central. Do you recognize this scenario? The customer logs in, scrolls to the right page, create a payment suggestion performs the task, and then must continue with the same thing, once, twice, and maybe ten times in different companies before they´re done. The repetitive work is both time-consuming and costly.

Usually, this does not happen once either, the tasks must be done regulary, perhaps every day or at least every week. It does not have to be this complicated, the process can be simplified and streamlined, finally.

Get more things done with Eagle

With Eagle, the unnecessary repetitive work is minimized. This is possible since you can work with all companies from just one login and view therefore, Eagle is suitable for companies with many locations or accouting firms where the work requires total control over many companies at the same time.

Use ready-made key figures

In Eagle, the customer can use ready-made KPIs as well as create their own. In addition to data from Business Central, the customer can choose to work with data from other apps or per-tenant extensions. These will give control of what happens in each company and helps you decide what to do next.

Example of what you can see in Eagles oversight:

– How many overdue invoices there are in each company
– When payments were last made
– Job queues with errors
– Timesheets not submitted

Look, execute and enqueue

You can say that Eagle supports your work in the following way if you work with many companies at the same time.
To look – at KPIs from different companies in one view
To execute – manage tasks in all companies from one view
To enqueue – enqueues reports from multiple companies at once and save to one drive

Why is the app called Eagle?

– Since SmartApps apps are a bit jokingly named after animals, it was obvious to name this app Eagle because it gives the customer an eagle-eyed on their numbers.

So, this is the solution for anyone who works with a multi-company solution