Check in with Tina

Tina has been a part of the SmartApps team for almost a year. At the beginning of her time here, she answered a few questions. Now it’s time for a follow-up!

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Can you tell us more about your role as SmartApps’ Technical Writer and Partner Support? What are some specific tasks or responsibilities you handle in this role?

– Working on writing documentation for our apps feels very important. Keeping it constantly updated as the apps grows and we release new versions is exciting! Supporting our partners with their questions is incredibly fulfilling, and it’s often where we get new ideas that we can bring to life. The most challenging part is creating documentation that all our users can understand and find easy to use. We have a wide range of users to cover.

It sounds like you’re excited about making Business Central more efficient with SmartApps’ solutions. Can you share any specific projects or features you’re currently working on to achieve this goal?

– I’ve also been a user of BC and several of our apps, and I find it incredibly exciting to now be able to document and showcase our apps to users in a way that I would have wanted to see them.

You mentioned the Eagle app as your favorite. What are some standout features of the Eagle app that you find particularly useful or unique?

– Being able to do the same thing in multiple companies simultaneously is a favorite for me. The time savings it brings are absolutely wonderful. For instance, requesting reports for monthly closing in all your businesses with just a click and avoiding the need to go into each company and do the same thing multiple times is not only enjoyable but also creates space for more important tasks.

In your role, you likely interact with SmartApps’ partners frequently. How do you typically support partners with their questions and challenges related to the apps?

– We take a closer look at the issue that has arisen and investigate the reasons behind. Sometimes, there are underlying system adjustments that are causing it to not work as desired, while other times it’s just a simple setup that was missing. It’s during these types of investigations that ideas emerge on how we could potentially do things differently, take a shortcut, or explore something else exciting!

When it comes to turning user feedback and ideas into reality, can you share an example of a feature or improvement that was born from user feedback and successfully implemented?

– A good example of this is the wishes to work with collective invoices for multiple contracts in Parrot. This has been released for some time now, and it’s very useful and likable.

Are there any upcoming developments or plans for SmartApps that you’re particularly excited about and would like to share?

– There are very exciting developments happening in Eagle right now, and I can give you a sneak peek that soon you’ll be able to schedule reports from your Function Setup. So, you won’t even need to press a button to get your reports; you can schedule them to arrive when you want!