We create smoother business journeys

Our team is the perfect combination of nerdy super brains and creative individuals. Together, we develop smart and scalable business solutions.

With over 120 years of experience

At SmartApps, we create perfectly coded apps for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Our apps eliminate the burdens of using custom code. Why reinvent the wheel with each business when you can opt for a smoother, scalable, and stable solution that requires minimal setup and configuration?

Our team consists of seven dedicated members with diverse competencies, working closely together. Collectively, we bring over 120 years of experience, ensuring that both you and your business are in good hands.

Our story

Back in 2016, Microsoft issued a challenge to develop an app for Microsoft Business Central. The winners would have their apps uploaded to the freshly launched marketplace AppSource.

Our team loves a challenge, so we instantly knew this was something we needed to try. And on December 23rd, 2016, we received an early Christmas gift when our app was one of the first to ever be uploaded to AppSource. Today, we’re a leading app developer for Microsoft Business Central.


Say hello to the SmartApps team


In charge


Tech nerd


Tech writer


Product guru


Final boss


Tech nerd


Tech nerd

Meet the team

The members of our team have diverse skills and backgrounds. This gives us a holistic approach to app development and allows us to create smart solutions for your problems.

Meet the rest of our pack

In addition to having all the expertise we need in our human team, we also collaborate with four fantastic animals. They play a crucial role in helping you run your business smoothly.

Bob the Badger

Badger was our first app named after an animal. Someone in the team came up with the phrase “Badger – dig into your data”. The rest is history.

Poppy the Parrot

You probably know that parrots could pursue professional careers in repeating things. That’s why your recurring invoices should fall onto the competent wings of Poppy.

Sue the Spider

Sue spins a web between your systems, allowing them to communicate with each other. She loves to be in control and keeps an eye on every string.

Ernesto the Eagle

Ernesto glides across the sky, allowing you to get a clear overview of all your companies. This way, you can manage all your companies from one login.

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If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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Are you interested in becoming a partner and want to learn more about our products? We’d love to demo our apps for you! As partners, we’re always just a phone call away when you want help closing a deal or when you’re in need of tech support.

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