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Can everyone use our apps?

If you have Business Central then the answer is yes. You can download and buy apps from Microsoft AppSource and get started right away. If you do not have Business Central, you need to contact a partner and start at that end before you can start using our apps.

What are AppSource?

AppSource is Microsoft’s marketplace for apps that are compatible with Business Central. All apps need to be certified in order to be published. If an app is published on AppSource, you can be sure. Visit AppSource and look for apps to suit your business.

I have problems with my app, what do I do?

First, look for the answer to this page. We have FAQs for each app and if you can’t find the answer you use the form to ask us and we will return as soon as we can.

What is a partner?

A partner is a company that has been certified by Microsoft to sell and deliver their products or products that are designed to work in the Microsoft environment. Business Central can only be sold by companies certified by Microsoft. All apps also need to be certified. We provide the apps but partners help you implement the foundation that is Business Central.

Where can I find a reliable partner?

You can search for a partner at Microsoft’s own partner site here .


What differences are there if I send my Vendor payment files in LB or pain001 format?

With pain001 you cannot send credit memos only, the total has to be positive on each receiver. With LB you can only send domestic payments. With pain001 handles domestic, foreign and SEPA payments.

I need to adjust some of the SweBase documents, do I need to contact a developer?

It depends on what you need to do, but if you accept where the fields are placed, you can do a lot with settings. Use Page Header and footer settings.

We have customers in several countries and want them to receive documents from use with dates and numbers correctly formatted according their local standards, is that possible?

That is possible with the Page Header Settings. There are three fields for setting formats and document code to link with the customer.

Is it possible change texts and headings in documents?

Yes, that is done with Document texts, you can also do your own translations to the customers language.

Do I have to enter VAT Business Posting group and VAT Product Posting group on all G/L accounts used on documents? They are all the same.

In SweBase Settings you enter this information and it will be used if the fields on the G/L account is empty.

Do I need a consultant to install the SweBase app?

You can do it yourself within Business Central as an Extension


Do I need a consultant to install the StoryPoint app?

You can do it yourself within Business Central as an Extension


Do I need a consultant to install the Badger BI extension?

You can do it yourself within Business Central as an Extension. Then you’ll have to download a file from our Badger BI site.


Do I need a consultant to install the Spider app?

Yes, you need a consultant to install Spider. Contact us and we help you.

Dynamic Software Connector

Do I need a consultant to install the Dynamic Software Connector app?

You can do it yourself within Business Central as an Extension


Do i need help from my partner to install Parrot?

No, you can do it youself in Business Central.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for.

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