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Get automatic currency exchange rate updates

Are you using other currencies than your local currency when posting in your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central? Do you want to make sure your currency exchange rate is up to date at all times?

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Use a phone to report time

We all know that time is of the essence when it comes to report time spent on project. Report time directly rather than waiting a day or two will make it more accurate for both you and your customer. The longer it takes to report time the higher the risk of guessing which may lead to underbilling (less money) or overbilling (angry customers).

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Workflows at SmartApps Docs

Are you interested in one of our apps? Want to know what it actually does? Take a look the Workflow section under the apps at SmartApps Docs and you will find different workflows describing what the app does and how we recommend that you work with the app.

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Technical reference

Do you like one of our apps but feel that it is missing some specific feature for you or your customer that might not be in the scope of the app? Why not extend it! At our SmartApps Docs we have a section on each app called Technical reference which contains technical information about all public objects that can be of interest for a developer who wish to extend the functionality of the app.

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Do it in repeat!

Use Parrot to keep track of your sales contracts and automate your recurring invoicing.

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Smart Job Queue E-mail Notfications

Did you know Smart Job Queue gives you the opportunity to use email notifications when using Job Queue Transactions? With Smart Job Queue you get that extra functionality that helps you go all the way when using Job Queue transactions.

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