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Do it in repeat!

Use Parrot to keep track of your sales contracts and automate your recurring invoicing.

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Smart Job Queue E-mail Notfications

Did you know Smart Job Queue gives you the opportunity to use email notifications when using Job Queue Transactions? With Smart Job Queue you get that extra functionality that helps you go all the way when using Job Queue transactions.

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Ready for Wave 1 2021

All apps from SmartApps are officially validated for Dynamics 365 Business Central Wave 1 2021, also called Business Central 18.

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Do you have problems planning your projects? StoryPoint will make project management easier

Have you been in projects where your hourly charge is way too low, and it is something you realize at the end of a project when you start analyzing it? When working with time as your first source of income it is very important to optimize your planning in every aspect. You must follow your projects and have a good tracking of your time, you do not want to spend more time than you get paid for.

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Badger – a Business Intelligence app that digs down deep into your data

Take control over your numbers Do you know where in your business you earn and loose most money? It´s surprising how many companies that doesn´t have a clue where they are performing bad and losing money. The best way to get insights into your business is by start analyzing your data. To get the right information you need a good analyzing and reporting tool.

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Let us introduce SmartApps – we create smart apps for the future!

In a time where digitalization is moving fast, we must adapt our offerings towards new technology and new customer needs. You can never stop and expect the work we do today will be good enough tomorrow. When Business Central was released for the first time it was a big change in how we develop and offer business software.

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