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Ready for Wave 2 2021

All apps from SmartApps are officially validated for Dynamics 365 Business Central Wave 2 2021, also called Business Central 19.

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Final release on BC18

We just published our last release on BC 18, this time Parrot had the honor. When using contract unique prices, the price will be calculated immediately instead of when the contract is being released. We also added a total amount field on contracts to make it easier to se the exact sum that will be transferred to an invoice/order/job planning line. Other things added are increased number of checks when a contract is released and the possibility to credit contracts that contain manually added lines.

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Do you want to see your data come to life?

With our app Badger you get a solid integration between your Microsoft Dynamic 365 Business and Power BI. With Badger you get past the issue of building data sets and coding in DAX. All the necessary links, measures and dimensions for your Business Central Data is already created and you get past the issue of building data sets and coding in DAX. In short, Badger helps you dig out the correct data from Microsoft Dynamic 365 Business Central and presents it in in Power BI.

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Get automatic currency exchange rate updates

Are you using other currencies than your local currency when posting in your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central? Do you want to make sure your currency exchange rate is up to date at all times?

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Use a phone to report time

We all know that time is of the essence when it comes to report time spent on project. Report time directly rather than waiting a day or two will make it more accurate for both you and your customer. The longer it takes to report time the higher the risk of guessing which may lead to underbilling (less money) or overbilling (angry customers).

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Workflows at SmartApps Docs

Are you interested in one of our apps? Want to know what it actually does? Take a look the Workflow section under the apps at SmartApps Docs and you will find different workflows describing what the app does and how we recommend that you work with the app.

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